Japan Center for Asian Historical Records






1. Search menu screen

In this chapter, we describe the specifications and how to find each search function.

  • Search by Keyword
    You can use any keyword to search. Jump to the Search by Keyword screen by clicking on the "Search by Keyword" button.
  • Advanced Search
    You can select keyword types, document dates, and more to perform detailed searches. You can find the Advanced Search screen by clicking on the "Advanced Search" button.
  • Alphabetical Index Search
    You can select from A-Z Index a typical word contained in documents and search by the word. Jump to Alphabetical Index Search screen by clicking on the "Alphabetical Index Search" button.
  • Search by Reference Code
    You can use an unique identification number assigned to each document (reference code) to search. Search by Reference Code screen by clicking on "Search by Reference Code."
  • Layered Search
    You can browse documents along the document classification scheme of each organization.
    Layered search is always displayed in the left frame, but it does not appear in the Cross Search screen.
  • Cross Search
    Search with external agencies that you can specify. Cross Search by clicking on "Cross Search."