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Layered Information

National Archives of Japan
Dajo Ruiten : Grand Council of State Categories of Regulations (including drafts・・・
Kobun Roku : Compiled Records of the Grand Council of State (Dajokan)
Kobun Ruishu : Various Official Records Compilations
Kobun Zassan : Miscellaneous Official Document Compilations
Goshomei Gempon : Script signed by the Emperor
Kobun Betsuroku : Separate Official Records
Privy Council Records
Tankosho: Independent Records
Intelligence Materials
The Holding Company Liquidation Commission
Records of Various Councils and Committees
Records of Prize Courts
Kiroku Zairyo: Materials for Compilation of Official Records
Proceedings of the Imperial Diet
Imperial Diet Committee Meeting Minutes
Kanin Roku/Shokuin Roku : Directory of Government Officials and Personnel
Jokun Saika Sho : Records on Ratification of Decorations
Joi Saika Sho : Records on Ratification of Conferment of Ranks
Account Settlement Reports of Ministries
Budget Reports of Ministries
Records of State Funerals and Quasi-State Funerals
Celebration of the Year 2600 of the Japanese Era Records
Cabinet Tohoku Bureau Records
Chokugorui (Imperial Rescripts)
Seigan Kengi Kankei Bunsho (Petition and Proposal Documents)
Kakushu Nikki/Nisshi: Various Diaries and Journals
Prime Minister's Secretariat General Affairs Division Records
Sorifu Kobun: Prime Minister's Office Records
Records of the Cabinet Meetings, Meetings of the Administrative Vice-Ministers a・・・
Public Records Restituted from the United States
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Postal and Telecommunications
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Commerce and Industries
Ministry of Health and Welfare
Naikaku Bunko (Cabinet Library)
Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The National Institute for Defense Studies, Ministry of Defense
University of the Ryukyus Library
The Institute for Economic and Business Research Shiga University
Hokkaido Prefectural Library
Archives of Hokkaido
Kobe University Library
Research Support Office, Faculty of Economics, Oita University

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TitleShowa 25 (1950)
  • National Archives of Japan
  • Cabinet
  • Jokun Saika Sho : Records on Ratification of Decorations
  • Showa

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