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2. Browse image screen for PDFs

PDF formatted images, depending on your browser, will be displayed by the plug-in.

If the PDF file is larger than a certain size, or if it is displayed on a mobile device such as a smartphone, a thumbnail will be displayed. The PDF file can be downloaded in ZIP format from the download screen.

It may require a few minutes to download large numbers of PDFs at once.

For more information about features of the plug-in, please refer to your plug-in help.

For examples of functions of buttons, please refer to the following.

Browse image (PDF)
  • Google Chrome
    ① [Page number] It displays the number of the page number and the whole of the screen you are currently browsing.
    ② [Reduced] Reducing it to view.
    ③ [Specify the ratio] Displays the image in the specified ratio.
    ④ [Expand] Expanding it to view.
    ⑤ [Fit to page size] To display the entire page.
    ⑥ [Rotated in the counterclockwise] Rotate the display 90 degrees counterclockwise the image displayed.
    ⑦ [Save] Save the image displayed in the PDF file format.
    ⑧ [Print] To print the image displayed.
  • Safari (Mac)
    ① [Reduced] Reducing it to view.
    ② [Expand] Expanding it to view.
    ③ [Preview] Open the PDF in the Preview window.
    ④ [Save] Save the image displayed in the PDF file format.