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About Usage of Document Images
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■Cross Search

 With Cross Search, you can search across documents collections outside of the National Archives of Japan database.

■About screen of Simple Search

About screen of Simple Search

(1) Advanced Search
Click to move to the Advanced Search screen.

(2) Keyword
 Enter a keyword for search.

(3) Search
 Run the search.

(4) Reset
 Clears the entered keyword.

(5) Save Preferences
 Saves displayed settings for future usage on the search screen.
 Items can be saved as follows.

  • Select the state of the group set
  • Display of the group, the non- display
  • Select the state of the database

(6) Database
 If you check the database you want to search, you can search it.

①All Databases Put a check in the box of a database to search within it.
②Group name Displays the group name of databases. For the databases included in the group, put a check in the corresponding box.
Uncheck databases by clicking on their respective boxes a second time.
③Name of Database Displays the name of databases.
※Databases checked off will be searched.

■About screen of Advanced Search

 In the Advanced Search, you can search by specifying in detail search criteria.

About screen of Advanced Search

(1) Items for Search
 Specify items for searching to refine results as follows.

All Searches everything.
Title Searches titles.
Creator Searches for creators.
Date Searches by date.

■About database by the number of hits display screen

About database by the number of hits display screen

(1) Update
 You can click to update the database for a display screen showing the number of search hits. If the search results have been shown in full, this button does not appear.

(2) Summary List
 Click to move the search results list screen.

(3) Search results of each database
 Search results for each database are displayed.
 The number of results in a search are shown.

■About search result list screen

About search result list screen

(1) Modify target database
 Click to leave the search screen with search keywords.

(2) Item for search
 Specify the search keyword and you can search again.

(3) Page number
 Click to display the selected page.

(4) Results per page
 It is possible to change the display number of search results that are displayed.
 By clicking “change” you can designate the number of research results you want to display from a pull-down menu.

(5) Search result list
 Search results on the list, you will see the following content.

No. Indicates the record number among search results.
Summary A Summary of records with "title", "identifier", and "subject".
Database Name Displays the name of a database.

(6) Detail Info
 Move to a record in the detail screen.

■About detail screen

About detail screen

(1) Return to search result
 Return to the search results list screen.

(2) Prev/Next
 Click for prior or subsequent records.

(3) Detail
 Displays detailed information of records.

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